Le Château du Mylord
Rue Saint-Mortier 35
7890 Ellezelles

Le Château du Mylord, a history between prestige and tradition…

Frederic Gubbins of Kilfrussch, born in Clifton (England) in 1817, son of General Gubbins was assigned to India in 1836 where he assumed the function of Sub-Prefect, Prefect and finally Governor of five states of East India. During an extended leave from his obligations in India, his boat docked briefly in Antwerp, giving him the opportunity to meet Dame Bellonie Créteur, originally from Ellezelles. They married in 1849 and left for Benares. But the Indian climate did not suit beautiful Bellonie. They then decided to return to Europe and settle in Ellezelles where Mr Gubbins bought a large house which he transformed into this current building. Known in Ellezelles since 1862, we owe him the Stations of the Cross which still adorns the walls of the church of Saint-Pierre aux Liens in Ellezelles. In this town and surrounding areas, Mr Gubbins is known and always referred to as “My Lord”. His residence is characterized by its period style, its tower, its white walls, its Norman castle appearance and its superb garden. Testimony of the architecture of the last century corrected by the original mind of an English general.

The story of the restaurant…

In 1981, Jean-Baptiste Thomaes took over this house to turn it into a restaurant. He was quickly joined by his brothers and his wife Lisbeth and made him a reference in the Belgian gastronomic landscape. In 1987, he already had his first star, then obtained his second for the first time in 2002 and then in 2010. Today it is the turn of Martin and Nuria Simonart to contribute to this emblematic house. Nuria and Martin met in 2008 in Cordes-sur-Ciel at the Grand Ecuyer by Yves Thuriès (1*Michelin). They decided to pursue their careers together in the restaurant industry, working through several seasons at several star-studded and renowned restaurants. Nuria began a service career where she climbed the ranks to finally become Maître d’hôtel at the Bateau Ivre restaurant in Bourget-du-Lac 2* Michelin in 2015. Martin is quickly noticed for his determination and his need to evolve. At 21, chef Jean-Pierre JACOB, 2* in Courchevel, made him his second and took him under his wing. After a year in Belgium at San Degeimbre at Air du Temps 2*, Martin returned to Bateau Ivre du Bourget-du-Lac 2* to take charge of the kitchens as executive chef for 5 years. In 2018, the couple headed to Loiret. The Auberge des Templiers 1* is looking for a chef. At just 29 years old, Martin takes on the role of chef and Maitre de Maison (title of figure of the place at Relais & Châteaux). He reconnects with local producers to offer authentic, contemporary cuisine marked by its terroir. During these 5 years Nuria decided to put her promising career on hold to devote herself to their 3 children (Victor, Adeline and Eléonore). In June 2023, a client of the Château du Mylord calls Martin and Nuria, offering to take over the Château du Mylord. Dramatic twist in the life of this young couple! After reflection, they accepted the challenge, seeing this project as a logical continuation of their career and a culmination of all the work done up to that point. From then on, Nuria and Martin had a lot of exchanges with Lisbeth and Jean-Baptiste Thomaes as well as with their staff. They are determined to take over this institution and make it continue in this beautiful region of the Hills. They wish to perpetuate this quest for excellence that has driven them since the start of their career.

The establishments for which Martin and Nuria Simonart worked:

✓ Le Grand Ecuyer 1*, Cordes-sur-Ciel, Yves THURIES, France
✓ Le Chabichou 2*, Courchevel, Michel ROCHEDY, France
✓ Le Bateau Ivre 2*, Courchevel, Jean-Pierre JACOB France
✓ L’Aubergade 2*, Michel TRAMA, Puymirol, France
✓ Hôtel Five, Cannes, Les frères POURCEL, France
✓ La Bouitte 3*, Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, Famille MEILLEUR, France
✓ L’Air du Temps 2*, Liernu, Sang Hoon DEGEIMBRE, Belgique
✓ L’Hôtel Ombremont 2*, Le Bourget-du-Lac, Jean-Pierre JACOB, France
✓ L’Auberge des Templiers 1*, Boismorand, France


Martin et Nuria Simonart-Socorro

Grande Table du Monde – Tradition & Qualité



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