St Valentine’s 2018

Menu of the St Valentine’s Day “Truffles”

Only this menu will be served on Wednesday, February 14th, 2018,
noon and evening, Valentine’s Day.

Appetizer tastings
Roasted scallops | egg and celery | Pata Negra | truffles
Langoustine “a la plancha” | salsify | mimolette | beef tail
braising juice with truffle
Skate cooked at low temperature with truffles
oyster “Pied de Cheval” | root vegetables | leeks and capers
hazelnut butter emulsion
Chicken “Gauloise de Bresse” with King crab
chestnut and fennel structures | truffle juice
“vol-au-vent” of the thighs and muslin
Pear | honey | crackling almonds
Chocolate of origin Madagascar (“Grand Cru” of property)
black truffle ice cream | crumble and creamy with Greek yogurt
Sweet petits-fours

Gastronomical Degustation of St Valentine’s Day: € 135,00
oeno (5 wines) + € 60,00