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Available from August 31th till October 12th, 2017 inclusive.

Open ravioli of mullet-barbet | squid | shells and mussels
bouillabaisse emulsion and “rouille” mayonnaise
€ 52,00

Fricassee of langoustines, tarragon and carrots puree
€ 65,00

The fish dish of the “Season Degustation”
€ 48,00

Braised brill | iodized sea vegetables | kiwi vinaigrette with oyster
sabayon with capers and cress
€ 52,00

Dover sole cooked at low temperature | caviar “Toison d’Or”
nuances of cauliflower | mussels “Meunière”
mayonnaise and mussels emulsion
€ 68,00